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Healee white label pricing

Ensure superior telehealth technology ROI with a well-defined white label onboading process and a partner who understands your business

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Pricing structure


Setup fee

The setup fee covers the creation of a completely separate, independent replica of the Healee core platform, on infrastructure owned by you.

Your replica is configured with your own brand identity & design, your selected enabled features from the core feature set, and unique patient journeys.

Your setup fee will also depend on whether you require branded mobile apps on the major app marketplaces.


Subscription fee

The monthly subscription fee kicks in upon the replica delivery and varies based on the number of provider accounts in the system.

As part of the monthly fee, Healee continuously maintains your infrastructure, so you don’t have to do it yourself:

  • Scale server resources up or down based on traffic volumes
  • Ensure backups and security
  • Monitor the integration with your other systems
  • Deploy continuous improvements as part of the core feature set
The cost of the server resources, third party data or integrated tools, are not included in the Healee subscription fee.


Additional work

Any additional work beyond your standard replica configuration is charged based on additional team hours and project management.

Depending on any additional requirements, we can put together a list of enhancements, mock-ups and cost estimates for their development.

Return on investment

Choosing Healee's configurable technology helps save time, reduce cost and risk and stay competitive for the future

Fast time to market

  • Ready infrastructure
  • Out-of-the-box feature set
  • Quick setup and streamlined onboarding
Reduced risk

  • Minimized troubleshooting
  • Proven customer UX
  • Regulatory compliance

  • Scalable server resources
  • Security and interoperability
  • Extendable features
Reduced cost

  • No development resources
  • No multiple solutions
  • Reduced maintenance