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The Healee mission

Powering unique digital healthcare experiences

Since Healee was founded in 2017, our team has been on a mission to help healthcare organizations support their providers and patients with better and easier virtual experiences. We digitalize unique processes and workflows in healthcare, thus enabling providers to deliver better care and better health outcomes for patients.

We’ve created our telehealth solution with customers in mind

Our vision is to make telehealth adoption easy, accessible and comprehensive for all healthcare organizations and their providers: through a high-quality, user-friendly, customizable and holistic telehealth platform.

Our Story

“Healee” is each of us – the human getting healed

Healee was founded by Hristo Kosev and Josif Dishliev with the intention of creating a comprehensive and customizable telehealth solution that will help more providers heal more patients. The pandemic from 2019-2020, continuing today, underpinned solidly this purpose. Healee is currently helping more than 150 HCO’s and 3000 providers deliver the high-quality care their patients need and deserve.

Our team

We are united and committed to our purpose


We are united and committed to our purpose, and this makes everything we do easy and the results impressive! Our team shares the values of entrepreneurship, cooperation and focus on our clients: healthcare organizations and providers.

The people behind Healee bring together years of experience in IT, digital healthcare and business development. Some of them have already played strategic roles in successful companies, backed up by renowned global investors and healthcare industry players such as Summit Partners, Blackstone, and Curaden.

Hristo Kosev
Josif Dishliev
Chief Business Development Officer
Vanya Choneva
Chief Marketing Officer
Irina Simeonova
Chief Financial Officer
Adam Teitelman
Head of Sales, English Markets
Anna Burova
Business Development Manager
Diana Sotirova
Senior Developer
Mihail Slavchev
Senior Developer
Boyan Raichev
Senior Developer
Yuri Kirmichi
Momchil Tsekov
Product Designer

Advisory Board

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