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White label

Telehealth on your terms!

Ready-made, custom-branded and personalized: use Healee White label instead of trying to create or piece together your own platform!

Personalized Demo

Quickly, easily, without in-house development

Healee is tailored to the needs of organizations of different types and sizes: physician groups, hospital networks, health systems, insurers, pharma companies, health startups.

Instead of investing years and millions to build a solution in-house, adopt Healee, a battle-tested, scalable platform, and within 2 months get:

Entirely independent, with the complete set of Healee features for everyone - physicians, patients, clinics

Powered by the telehealth software with the highest reviews by patients and physicians

Multi Platform - available on web, desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android)

Unique among competitors in terms of speed of setup, depth of customization, price

Deployed on a separate server infrastructure, owned by you, maintained by us

Battle tested by half a million patients, thousands of physicians

Your own brand identity & design, no mention of Healee

Custom features

Besides all functionalities of the core platform, we can include custom features and workflows, unique only to you.

Highly efficient, scalable

Healee is built to handle heavy loads and millions of requests, for the minimum infrastructure costs. Our architecture is super scalable, allowing us to easily and quickly add resources.

Super secure

Fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant, Healee was developed from the ground up with the highest security standards in mind. Every piece of information is encrypted with a separate encryption key, bringing the risk of data breaches to zero.

Healee White label clients

Long-term, holistic support to people living with cancer
AI for the detection of physiological patterns of disease-causing genetic variations
Transgender health and wellbeing services
The fastest growing healthcare review website in the US with more than 160k physicians in its network
Thanks to its highly customizable nature, we repurposed Healee into a telelaw platform
Free telemedicine services for COVID-19 patients