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White label telehealth

How it works

Get started in weeks with deep white label telehealth branding, custom workflows and a unique set up per use case

Healee’s fully tested white label technology offers you an advanced, yet easy way to get started with digital health while building your brand and adapting your tool for better user engagement
Personalized demo
Healee-based white label telehealth platform

Maximum freedom

White label telehealth customization options

A Healee-based platform replaces a multitude of existing tools to alleviate digital fatigue, fit clinical processes closely and integrate with top EHR, e-prescription, billing and other systems.

Healee’s unique deep white label configurability options give you maximum freedom to adopt any part of the solution, with as much or as little customization as you need.

Degrees of customization
Adopt core platform
Brand and personalize
Enable/disable features
Configure workflows
Modify features
Build new features

Deep branding

Ensure user trust and loyalty

A unified brand experience and a well-tested feature set are key to positioning your company as a legitimate player in the digital health space.

With Healee deep white label, your platform looks custom-built in-house - without development and maintenance!

  • Your entire branding scheme applied - not just the logo
  • Hosting your replica on custom URLs as part of your own infrastructure
  • Fully branded mobile apps on the Android and iOS marketplaces

Custom workflows

Enable organization-wide adoption

The #1 reason for the lack of adoption of telehealth solutions is the poor fit of tools with organizational workflows.

Healee is the only digital health technology on the market that lets you enable unique patient journeys for any part of the care process.

You define:

  • How you accept patients
  • How you coordinate care
  • How you treat specific medical conditions

Feature configurations

Fine-tune to your unique use case

Digital health is ever-evolving, with business requirements and legislation constantly changing. Each specialty or business model has distinct needs that may require modifying or extending the core feature set.

With a deep white label, any functionality can be modified or added to accommodate your use case.

  • Enable or disable features from the core feature set
  • Re-arrange and modify existing features
  • Add new features for niche use cases

Getting started quickly with telehealth white label

Depending on your degree of customization, a fully functional version of your platform can be rolled out in weeks.
The best-recommended approach for getting started quick and nimble is planning your MVP (minimum viable product) for going live, and implementing enhancements as you go.

A typical deep white label onboarding process includes...

Providing key inputs for your personalized solution
Discovery of your unique processes
Launching your version of the platform with the selected core features and workflows
Healee and the team feel like a safe pair of hands who are friendly, open, diligent and experts in their domains - this is why Healee is a fantastic company to work with!
Clarity, expertise, reliability and quick turnaround throughout all steps of the process
Paddy Rehill, CTO at Perci Health