Personalized demo

Patient scheduling

Efficiently manage capacity and optimize resource allocation

Revolutionize patient access from intake to follow-up

Personalized demo
Patient-provider matching

Reduce inefficient workflows in patient intake to enhance collaboration

Custom intake forms

Create pre-defined intake questionnaires or medical forms that can be set anywhere in the patient journey to streamline it - before/after registration or around other trigger events

Patient eligibility questionnaires

Implement easy self-service access and simplified intake workflows to reduce errors and collect patient information prior to the appointment

Facilitate patient onboarding to provide personalized care

Setting predefined rules

Define rules for your specific use cases and workflows to streamline patient onboarding and efficiently process the volume of patient and provider data

Dynamic provider matching

Based on the defined rules, automatically and dynamically match patients with the provider(s) that can best service their case
Patient self-scheduling

Activate self-scheduling workflows to enhance patient access

Provider filter-based search

Ensure easy access to providers based on predefined filters like specialty, gender, availability, proximity, insurance, languages and many other

Patient flows

Based on your unique needs, choose an existing flow that accommodates your patient journeys - self-scheduling flow, prepayment flow with visit prepayments or bank card guarantee, “submit a case” flow and many other available options

Complex appointment types

Allow patients to schedule complex appointment types like group visits, recurring follow-up visits, virtual or home visits

Scheduling rules and constraints

Accommodate patient and provider preferences by ensuring all relevant settings and information are input in the system - appointment types, lengths, need for specialized equipment, need for preliminarily information, etc.

Usability and interface

Set intuitive self-scheduling workflows to ensure processes are easy and accessible for different types of patient population

Privacy and security compliance

Ensure highly secure HIPAA-compliant information exchange between patient, provider, and facility on any device

Ensure continuity of care and improve patient compliance

Recurring appointments

Allow for cadenced follow-up appointments by patients to eliminate the need to repeatedly schedule appointments for ongoing care and eliminate the risk of unavailability

In-message information about follow-ups

Reduce administrative burden and promote patient satisfaction and convenience by displaying information and sending reminders about patients upcoming recurring appointments

Manage care and resources efficiently to enhance patient engagement

Time slot capacity

Implement multi-instance time slots to accommodate complex scheduling needs such as group therapy or laboratory tests and define the capacity of the group visit - per day, shift or modality

Group video visits

Easily "translate" group appointments booking into group video sessions between multiple patients and/or multiple providers to allow for group therapy or multidisciplinary consultations

New patients invitation link

The administrators of group sessions can also invite new members by sharing the unique URL of the specific group

Activate flexible payments to reduce no-show and late cancelation costs

Flexible payment policies

Set fee policies per individual practice with automated grace period & cancellation/no-show penalty mechanism through a seamless integration with widely used payment providers

Automated reminders to patients

Reduce no-show rates by sending automated reminders about upcoming appointments to patients through their most convenient channel - in-app messages, email, SMS, and other applications

Еnhance scheduling convenience and coordinated care for dependents

Accounts for dependents

Allow families to manage multiple appointments, preventive screenings, or ongoing treatment plans for dependents

Adding a new family member

Parents or guardians can easily add a new member and efficiently manage family account information, contact details, and medical history