Patient scheduling

Increase patient engagement

Comprehensive patient scheduling feature set helps increase staff efficiency, reduce no-shows and promote patient trust

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Patient scheduling
Patient scheduling
Patient scheduling
Patient scheduling

Automated patient scheduling

Healee patient scheduling capabilities include efficient appointment booking, personalized provider search and patient feedback collection

Provider filter-based search

Open your digital front door and let patients find providers based on specialty, gender, availability, proximity, insurance, and other filters

Appointment booking

Let patients see your real-time availability and schedule in-person, virtual or home visits for exams, lab tests, vaccinations, medical procedures


Activate visit prepayments or bank card guarantee to reduce no-show and late cancelation costs

Appointment reminders

Use the automated prompts via different channels (emails, messages) to remind patients of upcoming appointments and reduce no-shows

Automatic notifications

  • Access and modify schedule on the go, notify patients with one click
  • Receive detailed email notification upon patient booking completion
  • SMS notifications to patient, provider, facility upon cancellations

Recurring follow-up appointments

Allow patients to book instantly follow-up visits for the same time weekly, bi-weekly, monthly

Multiple slots

Define the number of patient appointments to be accepted in each time slot

Centralized schedule management

Streamline processes with centralized patient scheduling across time zones, providers and facilities

Time zones

Set schedules and manage appointments for multiple providers across multiple facilities in different time zones

Schedule printing

Print the schedule of a single provider for a day/week or the daily schedule of all providers

Access rights

  • Assign different roles and access levels for admins, providers, registrars, coordinators
  • Apply view-only restrictions for providers
  • Limit a facility from viewing and editing another facility’s schedules

Personalized recommendations

Automatically suggest to patients a list of appropriate providers based on a pre-filled questionnaire

Patient feedback and reviews

Increase patient trust and gain new patients based on favorable feedback and reviews

Post-exam feedback request

Send an email reminder for patients to leave a review after the appointment

Verified patient reviews

Mark patients as show or no-show to allow only verified patients to leave a review after the visit