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Healee Appointments

Get more new patients, let them book directly in your calendar

Every day, tens of thousands of patients browse our platform to find the doctor they need, and either get an online consultation, or an appointment for a live visit.

Healee's online booking service helps doctors, medical practices and hospitals provide far more comprehensive care, supporting patients in every step of their journey.

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Online calendar

Patients can access your calendar and book appointments in it. In case you change your schedule, you can notify all patients with a click of a button

Verified patients

Every user is registered with a name, email and phone number, and can book up to 4 appointments. This way we help prevent misuse

Mobile access

You can access your schedule both from a mobile device and a computer. You can edit your schedule, and book or decline appointments while on the go

Patient info in advance

When booking an appointment, patients provide various info: reason for visit, type of payment, new or existing patient, information about their condition

SMS notifications

One day prior to the appointment, patients are reminded via email and sms, which helps reduce no-shows. In case an appointment is cancelled, both you and the patient get an sms notification

Link to your website

We create a dedicated “Book an appointment” button that you can embed in your website, so that all visitors can book an appointment

What doctors like about Healee Appointments

More new patients

Doctors get an average of 11 new patients every month. With some doctors, this figure goes up to 250 new patients

More efficient schedule

No matter whether your practice is open or closed, whether it’s a weekend or a public holiday, patients can access your profile and book an appointment round-the-clock

More patient-facing time

Healee's online booking service helps you save time and allows you to focus on what really matters: providing better care to patients

Better online visibility

You get verified reviews from verified patients. This helps you build a better online presence, gain more visibility and attract more patients

How Healee Appointments works

  1. Let us know and we will create your personal Healee Appointments profile
  2. Provide details about your practice and schedule
  3. Become a Superdoc - the modern doctor who offers online booking to save not just their own time but patients' time too