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Healee Appointments

Simplify your scheduling by letting patients book directly in your calendar.

Set your calendar with a few clicks from any device and eliminate scheduling chaos. Forget about the time-consuming manual appointment booking. Let your patients schedule appointments directly on your calendar anytime, anywhere. Let them know in advance that a flu shot day is coming, by sending mass messages to a selected group of patients.

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With Healee’s booking service, patients see your real-time availability and can:

Book in-person or online appointments for themselves, their children оr their relatives
Book vaccination appointments (annual flu shots, measles, hepatitis B, Covid-19 shots, etc.)
Book a slot for lab tests or medical procedures (EKG, ultrasound, biopsy, and more)

Benefits and Features

Online calendar

Patients can access your calendar and book appointments in it. In case you change your schedule, you can notify all patients with a click of a button.

Verified patients

Every user is registered with a name, email and phone number, and can book up to 4 appointments. This way we help prevent misuse.

Mobile access

You can access your schedule both from a mobile device and a computer. You can edit your schedule, and book or decline appointments while on the go.

More patient information ahead of time

You know what procedures or medical advice patients are reaching out to you for, because patients can provide that information when booking the appointment: reason for visit, payment method, new or existing patient, medical conditions, etc.

Automatic email and SMS confirmations / notifications

You receive an instant email notification with all consultation details once the patient ends the booking. One day prior to the appointment, patients are reminded via email and sms, which helps reduce no-shows. In case an appointment is cancelled, both you and the patient get an sms notification.

Link to your website

We create a dedicated “Book an appointment” button that you can embed in your website, so that all visitors can book an appointment.

What doctors like about Healee Appointments

Exposure to more new patients

With an online calendar, you can get an average of 10 new patients each month, or more.

No more inefficient manual calendar management

The online booking system automatically displays open appointment slots to patients based on your personal schedule and once booked, patients’ appointments automatically appear in your calendar.

More patient-facing time

Healee's online booking service helps you save time and allows you to focus on what really matters: providing better care to patients.

Better online visibility

You get verified reviews from verified patients. This helps you build a better online presence, gain more visibility and attract more patients.

Clear and simple interface

It is easy to set up and get started within the same day.

View and edit your schedule on-the-go

You can access and update your calendar anytime, anywhere from any connected device - phone, laptop or tablet. You can accept or decline incoming appointments wherever you are.

Guaranteed privacy and security

Healee is 100% GDPR and HIPPA compliant and can guarantee you and your patients that all sensitive data that you exchange is safe and secure at all times.

How Healee Appointments works

  1. Let us know and we will create your personal Healee Appointments profile
  2. Provide details about your practice and schedule
  3. Become a Superdoc - the modern doctor who offers online booking to save not just their own time but patients' time too