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Robust Patient Scheduling Solution

Discover how Healee’s intelligent patient appointment management can help you grow by maximizing schedule utilization, increasing staff efficiency and optimizing revenue

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Patient scheduling

Built for the complex scheduling needs of medical groups

Powerful rule-based engine for unparalleled patient-provider matching

Sophisticated multi-team calendar management

Seamless patient self-scheduling in various care modalities

Most robust and reliable

Healee facilitates over 700,000 appointments per month across over 5,000 providers

Drives patient engagement and loyalty

Typical Healee customers experience dramatic improvements in patient engagement

Online appointments
Increase of bookings by year 3
Organic traffic
New patients
Total bookings
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Smart patient self-scheduling and intake

  • Eligibility flows and intake questionnaires
  • Patient preferences and provider suitability
  • Diverse appointment types (virtual, onsite, hybrid, home)
  • Multiple facilities and time zones

Centralized appointment management

  • Individual provider availability and preference setting
  • State licensure and HIPAA compliance
  • Mechanisms to reduce no-shows, cancellations, overbooking and underbooking
  • Multi-member, multi-slot team calendar visibility

Scale business growth with efficient operations

Increased productivity
Achieve more with limited staff, ensure faster processing times
Streamlined processes
Reduce staff time spent on scheduling, automate pre- and post-visit tasks
Smart resource utilization
Fill gaps in provider schedules and easily manage staff availability
Revenue protection
Automate appointment reminders and allow patients to easily cancel on time
Enhanced patient experience
Grow revenue with attracting and retaining more satisfied patients
Visibility and reporting
Monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and improve business operations
How it works

Integrates with your EHR

Simplify your toolset, replace multitude of disconnected tools and manual workarounds

Hipaa Compliance verification
“Starting to use Healee was extremely easy and intuitive! Healee helps me stay in touch with my patients, and I can easily schedule follow-up visits to sustain better adherence to therapy. It is also excellent for reaching out to new patients who don't have easy access to the hospital. The platform feels like an interactive game where you can organize all information for your patients per diagnoses and groups and you can promptly give your patients advice in an organized and user-friendly manner.”
Anna V.
Assistant Professor of Allergology
“As a medical doctor and an owner of a small medical practice specializing in orthopedics, what I like most about Healee is that it allows us to use only one tool for all of these: patient scheduling, centralized scheduling for the reception desk, virtual care (both for follow-up of my patients and finding new patients), payments, e-prescribing and triage. Healee has numerous capabilities and we try to make the most of them.”
Stefan T.
Owner of a medical practice