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I've been having these stubborn, sporadic bouts of relatively light acne over the last year, that I have been self-medicating, to no avail. I guess, the problem was not bad enough to make me invest the better part of one of my busy days to go to a dermatologist, but at the same time I couldn’t not notice it and just completely ignore it.

What I like most was that following combination: not only did I get to talk to a doctor in 15 mins, without having to go through the hassle of an in-person visit, but I also had the chance to have a full-blown conversation with the doctor (not just a one-off response). This made it possible to discuss a fully personalised treatment approach, suitable for my particular case and type of skin.

On top of that, since my problem was a long-term one, the doctor recommended that I come back after a period of time for a follow up and evaluation of treatment results, which was free of charge.

Android user

27 years old

I had an unpleasant skin issue - a rash that appeared all of a sudden on my belly.

I live in the UK, healthcare is notoriously slow here. The app provided lightning fast access to a dermatologist, something for which I would otherwise have waited months. In less than two hours after I sent my case, I had a detailed response, along with treatment guidelines. Treated with OTC drugs, problem disappeared.


34 years old

My younger child had a red chest rash that appeared out of nowhere, on Saturday night. The consultation saved me a lot of googling and guessing. Also, it gave me peace of mind over the weekend, and it was at a very good price too.

iPhone user

32 years old