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Ask your question

Describe your problem, providing as many details as possible. If needed, the doctor will ask you for additional info, images, lab results, xrays, MRIs, or start a live video call to better asses your condition.

Fill in payment info

Before responding, the doctor will send you a payment request. To proceed with the consultation, you need to accept it and enter your payment details.

Note that this is not an actual payment. The amount is simply preauthorized, to verify that there are enough funds on your card. The actual payment is done once the doctor has reviewed your case and replied.

Get advice

The doctor will then respond with information about your condition, together with treatment advice.

If the doctor decides that your case can’t be handled by means of telemedicine and you need a face-to-face exam, you will not be charged.

Cannot find the doctor you need?

Invite your doctors

You can also connect and stay in touch with your own doctor, or any doctor you choose.

If your doctor is not on the list, you can invite her to join Healee. The doctor just needs to install our dedicated Healee MD application and you can then connect.

What patients are saying?

When my daughter has a fever, I can quickly contact our pediatrician on Healee. It's convenient for both of us, since he can easily access details from the electronic health record that I keep for her.
I usually send my test results to my doctor and she analyzes them at her earliest convenience.
My doctor reminds me about my screening appointments. This is really convenient, since Healee messages don't get lost among unlrelated emails or texts.