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Healee is used by hundreds of doctors, with various specialties and rich expertise. Find and connect with the doctor who is right for you. You can then share symptoms, complaints, lab results and medical images, and ask for consultations.

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Understand your symptoms

Healee Chatbot, our AI-guided chatbot, is the smarter alternative of googling your symptoms, guessing and needlessly worrying. Tell the chatbot what's troubling you and get a list of possible causes, along with a next-steps advice.

Track your health

We let you store and manage all your past and present symptoms and conditions, log treatments, set medication schedules and reminders, check drug and allergy interactions, upload lab results and images.

Share with people like you

The best advice about a health condition often comes from other people in the same boat as you. You can easily and safely share your data, completely anonymously, on health forums and communities, to ask for people's help and advice.

Get timely advice from selected doctors

If you need timely medical attention, a team of approved doctors is always at your disposal, with a guaranteed response time. You can now talk to doctors within a wide range of specialties, and we will be gradually adding more.

Stay safe with our iron-clad security

We take your privacy and the security of your medical data very seriously. We do not have access to your email address, and the images and messages you exchange with doctors. All this data is stored encrypted on our servers and only you and your doctors have access to it.

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Stubborn, sporadic bouts of relatively light acne over the last year, that I have been self-medicating, to no avail.Read more

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