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Hello! My name is Victoria Petkova, and I am a Pharmacist (MPharm)👩🏻‍🔬. I completed my education at the Medical University of Sofia, with an additional specialization in Clinical Pharmacy. 💊 I offer specialized pharmaceutical consultations in the following areas: - Assistance in understanding the patient's health condition thoroughly. - Developing therapeutic regimens with over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements for various health conditions. - Recommendations for the proper use of over-the-counter and prescription medications, dietary supplements, and medicinal cosmetics. - Monitoring the patient's treatment. - Information on adverse drug reactions and drug interactions with other medications. - Information and recommendations for the use of herbal medicinal products and herbal teas. 💊 I can also provide guidance and advice for specific conditions such as: - Acute and recurrent cystitis and urethritis. - Acute and recurrent gynecological bacterial and fungal infections. - Problematic skin (on the face, body, or scalp) - suitable medicinal cosmetics.