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Dr Ahmet Halit Aydin

Surgery, Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery a.b.d.

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Medical faculty: Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine Specialization: Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine - Otolaryngology and head and neck surgery a.b.d. Professional experience: - Siirt Eruh State Hospital - 2014 - Bursa Yüksek İhtisas eah ENT a.b.d. 2014-2015 - Eskişehir Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine ENT a.b.d. 2015-2018 - Artvin state hospital 2018-2020 - Reyap Istanbul hospital 2020 Specific areas of interest: - Functional and aesthetic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty) - Nose and sinus diseases - Scoop ear surgery (otoplasty) Endoscopic sinus surgery Snoring and sleep apnea surgery Qualification and board exams: - Turkish ENT BBC qualification certificate September 2019 - Vocational training and courses: - All in one rhinoplasty live surgery symposium 18-19 January 2020 - Facial plastic surgery association 13th national meeting 5-7 December 2019 - 41st Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Congress 13-17 November 2019 - 22. Rhinoplasty scholl - nose school 3-5 May 2019 - 40th Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Congress 07-11 November 2018 - Rhinoplasty black-rhinoplasty philosophy and live surgery 2 27-29 October 2018 - Dr Teoman Born Rhinoplasty Live Surgery and Course American Hospital 6-7 October 2018 - Nose aesthetic meetings-5 prp and filling workshop application sapanca 17 September 2017 - Temporal bone dissection course, 26-27 August 2017 - 18. International Rhino Camp meeting 17-21 May 2017 9th National Laryngology Congress 27-29 April 2017 - 38th Turkish National Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Congress 26-30 October 2016 - Good clinical practice and basic clinical research course esogü 2016 - Adult advanced life support course esogü 17-18 March 2016 Posters / presentations / publications. Oral presentations: 1. Retrospective analysis of our patients diagnosed with oral cavity cancer Mehmet Özgür Pinarbaşli, Ahmet Halit Aydin, Ömer Ekici, Melek Hatban Gürbüz, Ercan Kaya, Hamdi Çakli, Erkan Özüdoğru - 38th Turkish National ENT BBC Congress November 2016 Antalya. 2. The diagnostic value of videosyngostroboscopy and our experiences Melek Çeşban Gürbüz, Mehmet Özgür Pinarbaşli, Ercan Kaya, Ahmet Halit Aydin, Erkan Özüdoğru- 18. Rhinocamp meeting 17-21 May 2017 marmaris. 3. Experimental investigation of the effect of polydioxanone layer and platelet-rich plasma on cartilage regeneration ahmet halit aydin, ercan kaya, deniz arik, heather canaz, mehmet ozgur pinarbaşli, angel cinder gürbüz, hamdi Çakli - 40th Turkish national ENT bbc congress November 2018 Antalya (rhinology - 1st prize for oral presentation in the field of energy). Posters: 1. The effect of the operation on vibration in vocal cord polyps: a retrospective video-gastroboscopy study mehmet ozgur pinarbaşli, ali alaiye, thanksgiving turan, ahmet halit aydin, angel trashban gürbüz, tankut long, ercan kaya - 9th national laryngology congress april 2017, eskisehir.