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Ivan Ivanov

Homeopathy, Pharmacist, Pharmacology

"Zaria" Pharmacy, "Bdin M" Pharmacy, Sanofi Ltd, Bestamed Ltd

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Professional master of pharmacy, currently specialising in Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at Medical university of Sofia. Having 2 years working experience in pharmacy, entirely in COVID-19 situation. Provided understandable information on how-to-use prescribed medicines and OTC products.  Assessed patient’s condition and recommended drug therapy changes if needed.  Educated and consulted patients about possible drug interaction.  Maintained good pharmaceutical practice macist  Responsible for helping, assessing and correcting patient’s prescription if needed.  Worked with specific pharmaceutical software including accurately and efficiently entering patient's information and monitoring their treatment adherence.  Provided understandable information and good pharmaceutical care. Earned First Module certificate for European School of Clinical Homeopathy. Having half a year in worldwide known Sanofi Ltd. Currently working in Besta Med Ltd as Quality Assurance Specialist.