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Dr Ciara McGoldrick

Breast diseases, Plastic surgery

Belfast City Hospital, Kingsbridge Private Hospital, Cosmetech at Maypole Clinic, Ulster Independent Clinic

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I am a UK trained plastic surgeon, who has undertaken additional training in breast surgery. I offer a wide range of aesthetic procedures, although my main focus is on breast and abdominal surgery. I am a busy mum of 3 and I am passionate about supporting women in decisions about what is best for their bodies at all stages of their life. Some patients may wish to have an initial consultation via the Healee virtual platform. That way I can find out a bit about you, what your concerns and hopes are, and we can have a preliminary discussion. You can choose to send me some photos in advance of your consult, but I find we have plenty of ground to cover, even if that isn’t something you are comfortable with. Then, if surgery is something you want to pursue, I shall arrange for a face to face consult, where I can examine you and refine a surgical plan. In between times, we can send information and photos, that will help in your overall decision making. You will then be billed for the combination of these 2 appointments after the face to face (£250 in total), or if you decide you don’t want a face to face then you will be billed for just the virtual (£125). It’s a whole new way of doing things, but either way we reach the ultimate goal of having a well-informed patient, a comfortable professional partnership and a clear plan for the future! For those patients where we have met face to face initially, after we connect, you will be invoiced for that initial consult via the app, and you can book a follow up virtual appointment which will have no charge. Questions, messages, opinions on photos are all included in that price.