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Dr Violeta Rilcheva

Endocrinology, Internal medicine, Covid-19 consultation

МЦ ЕКЗАКТАМЕДИКА гр. ПЛЕВЕН, МЦ „Клиничен институт по репродуктивна медицина” - Плевен , МЦ СВЕТА СОФИЯ гр. БУРГАС

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Dr. Violeta Rilcheva, based in Pleven, is a specialist in Internal diseases and Endocrinology, with a 10-year experience in the treatment of male and female reproductive problems. She is specializing mainly in the area of male infertility and sperm analysis, as well as in female reproductive endocrinology. She performs thyroid gland ultrasonography, along with treatment of diabetes and other endocrine disorders. She graduated medicine in 1998, earning her specialty degrees in Internal diseases and Endocrinology in 2005 and 2017, respectively. Dr. Rilcheva has specialized in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, the University of Birmingham, the University of Florence, as well as in Turkey, Greece, Denmark, the Netherlands and reproduction clinics in Spain. She has attended a number of international conferences: 2012 - Annual meeting ESHRE, Istanbul, Turkey; 2013 - Annual meeting ESHRE, London 2015 - Annual meeting ESHRE, Lisbon; 2016 - European Congress of Andrology (ECA2016), Rotterdam; 2017 - International Congress of Andrology, Copenhagen; 2018 - EAA education course of Andrology, Leuven, Belgium Dr. Rilcheva has a private endocrinology practice in 3rd Diagnostic and Consultative Medical Center – Pleven and the Clinical Institute for Reproductive Medicine – Pleven. She speaks English and is a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. Dr. Rilcheva has a number of publications in Bulgarian and international scientific journals.