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Dr Nadka Halvadzhieva-Karafezieva

Pediatrics, Primary care, Covid-19 consultation

Dr. Karafezieva Private Practice

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Dr. Nadka Halvadzhieva-Karafezieva is a family doctor and a pediatrician, working in Plovdiv, with an experience of over 30 years. She performs medical checks, sonography, eurodiet consultations, homeopathic interviews, She graduated from Medical University - Plovdiv in 1987, earning her specialty degree in Child diseases and General medicine in 1993 and 2000, respectively. Additional qualifications: - 4 Internal disease colloquia; - Abdominal sonography courses; - Pediatric cardiology courses - Homeopathy courses; - Schuessler salts therapy; - Hydrocolon therapy certificate; - Participation in congresses, seminars and symposia in the field of general medicine and pediatrics Dr. Nadka Halvadzhieva-Karafezieva started her career as a medical resident at the Internal Diease ward in Zlatograd, where she worked from 1987 to 1989. Until 1993, she worked as an resident at the Pediatric clinic of St George University Specialised Hospital - Plovdiv. Since 2001, she has been running a private general medicine and pediatric practice in Plovdiv.