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Dr Niranjan Chogle

Anesthesiology, Pain medicine

Kingsbridge Private Hospital

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Consultant in Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine. Dr N Chogle graduated from India and underwent Anaesthesia & Cancer Pain training there. He undertook further training in the UK from 2002 till 2008, and joined as a Consultant Anaesthetist in Ulster Hospital in 2008. He underwent Advanced Pain Training for one year in Aberdeen, Scotland. He specialised in minimally invasive techniques which can help manage back pain or neck pain, potentially avoiding irreversible surgery on the spine. He gained valuable experience both in Neuromodulation and Radiofrequency (RF) denervation (a procedure which is widely used in modern pain medicine to burn or stun a nerve supplying a sore joint). In Kingsbridge Private Hospital, he caters to insured or self-paying patients who seek relief from chronic pain. Specialises in: • Facet Joint Pain • Trigeminal Neuralgia • Occipital Neuralgia • Neck Pain • Fibromyalgia Syndrome • Myofascial Pain Syndrome • Neuropathic Pain • Sciatica / Radiculopathy • Chronic Post Surgical Pain • Sacro Iliac Joint Pain • Pelvic / Scrotal Pain • Hip Arthritis • Whiplash Injury Disorder • Knee Arthritis • Shingles Pain • Spinal Stenosis • Cancer Pain