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Dr Daniela Stoyanova


Gina Medical Centre

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Daniela Stoyanova, MD is a consultant in Internal medicine and Gastroenterology. She graduated with honours from the Medical University of Sofia in 2002. She has attended postgraduate qualification courses in the Netherlands, UK and Germany, mainly focused on IBD and endoscopy. She is a clinical lead for inflammatory bowel diseases in the department of gastroenterology of Military Medical Academy in Sofia. Her professional interests include inflammatory and oncological diseases of the digestive system, functional GI disorders and their treatment; nutrition in IBD. Daniela Stoyanova is not a pediatric consultant. Daniela Stoyanova, MD is currently a consultant gastroenterologist in the Department of gastroenterology at the Military Medical academy - Sofia where she has been working as a physician since 2003. In 2016 she joined the team of consultants in Gina Medical Centre, Sofia. More information: