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Dr Viktoria Dimitrova


Acibadem City Clinic Hospital, Cardiovascular Center, Circle оf Health Medical center

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Doctor Victoria Dimitrova is currently an outpatient cardiologist. In 2014 she started her medical career as a nurse in the National Cardiology Hospital, Sofia, where she discovers the professional affinity to cardiology. In 2015 she graduated excellent Master's degree in Medicine from the Faculty of medicine. During this period she worked as a volunteer consequently in the Department of Cardiology and Cardiology Intensive Care Unit in Acibadem City Clinic Tokuda Hospital, Sofia, and in St. Ekaterina University Hospital, Sofia. From 2017 to 2018 she works as a volunteer in Acibadem City Clinic University Hospital, Sofia- Cardiovascular Center. During the same period, she develops skills in the clinical trials field as a coordinator in Health Consulting Ltd, Acibadem City Clinic University Hospital, Sofia- Cardiovascular Center. Until January, she works as a cardiology resident at Acibadem City Clinic University Hospital, Sofia, Cardiovascular Center. She currently has an outpatient medical practice