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Ein Team aus sorgfältig ausgewählten Spezialisten mit durchschnittlich über 15 Jahren Erfahrung. Bleiben Sie dran! Das Angebot von Fachärzten wir nach und nach erweitert

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Dr. med. Antonina Ninova

Dermatologie, Venerologie, 42 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr. Ninova graduated from Sofia Medical University in 1978 and got her specialty degree in Dermatology and Venereology in 1984. She is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology (EADV), and the Bulgarian Dermatological Society. Dr. Ninova speaks English and Russian.

I especially like Healee because of the anonymity and confidentiality it allows. Both are very important for my patients.

Dr. med. Joanna Matrozova

Endokrinologie, 15 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr Joanna Matrozova is an endocrinologist at the Clinic of Pituitary, Adrenal and Gonadal Diseases, University Hospital of Endocrinology, Sofia, and assistant professor at the Medical University-Sofia. She completed her training at the Europeen Hospital Georges Pompidou in Paris, France. Her main interests and publications are focused not only on thyroid pathology and diabetes, but also on more complicated pituitary and adrenal diseases. Dr Matrozova was awarded a doctoral degree in the field of adrenal hypertension.

Healee enables much more efficient and reliable patient communication. This is indispensable for providing better care to people with chronic conditions like diabetes

Dr. med. Maya Milanova

Dermatologie, Venerologie, 30 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr. Milanova earned her MD in 1988 from the Trakia University in Stara Zagora. She has been practicing Dermatology and Venereology since 1998. She is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerеology (EADV), and the Bulgarian Dermatological Society. Dr. Milanova speaks English.

80% of all dermatological cases can be solved remotely. In most cases, a Healee visit is as efficient as a face-to-face visit.

Dr. med. Radostina Staneva

Dermatologie, Venerologie, 19 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr. Staneva graduated from from the Trakia University in Stara Zagora in 1989 and earned her specialty degree in Dermatology and Venereology in 1998. She is a member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerеology (EADV), and the Bulgarian Dermatological Society.

Some patients have to wait for weeks to see a dermatologist. With Healee, peace of mind is just hours away!

Dr. med. Angel Bogdanov Nalbanski, MD

Gynäkologie, 20 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr. Angel Nalbanski, based in Sofia, is a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology with an experience of over 15 years. He performs gynecological examinations, ultrasound diagnostics, colposcopy (cervical examination for pathological changes), annual cervical cancer screening (colposcopy and pap smear), microbiological examination of vaginal discharge, endoscopic surgery, classical surgery (resection of pathologically changed ovaries, uterine tubes, uterus), oncological consultation and surgical treatment, urogynecological consultations. Dr. Nalbanski graduated from Medical University - Sofia in 1997 and acquired his specialty degree in Obstetrics and gynecology in 2003. In 2006, he earned a Doctor of science degree. His main interests lie within the fields of endometriosis, endoscopic surgery, oncogynecology, urogynecology. Additional qualifications: - GESEA Certification Level 1 and 2 (endoscopic surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) - Endoscopic surgery certification from Kinki Hospital (Japan) - Endoscopic surgery certification “Maichin dom” University Specialized Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital - Certification in colposcopy and destructive methods in the treatment of cervical diseases - Member of Bulgarian Medical Association, WALS and European Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (ESGE) Dr. Nalbanski is an associate professor at 2nd Gynecological Clinic at “Maichin dom” University Specialized Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, where he performs all kinds of gynecological examinations and procedures, in addition to assisted vaginal births and Ceasarean sections. Currently, he is part of the team at Gunev Medical Centre - Sofia.

Doz. Georgi Yordanov

Ophtalmologie, 16 langjährige Erfahrung

Доц. д-р Йорданов, д.м. завършва медицина през 2004 г в Медицински Университет – София и през 2008 придобива специалност по офталмология в Тракийски университет в гр. Стара Загора. През 2016, 2017 и 2018 работи и като консултант очен хирург в St Helens Teaching Hospital в Ливърпул, Англия, а през 2019 и 2020 в University Hospital of Ayr, Шотландия . От 2015 г. и към момента работи в Клиника по Очни болести, ВМА, София.

Dr. med. Gergana Svetoslavova

Ophtalmologie, 6 langjährige Erfahrung

Обща информация: Д-р Гергана Светославова е специалист Офталмолог в София с над 5 години опит и основни интереси в областите детски болести, окулопластика и контактология. Извършва консултативни прегледи, диагностика и лечение на очни болести. Образование: Завършва Медицински университет София през 2013 г. В периода от юли 2014 г. до септември 2020 г. специализира Очни болести към Аджибадем Сити Клиник Болница Токуда София. Допълнителни квалификации: - През 2012 г. и 2013 г. - Участие в организацията и изпълнението на Balkan Ophthalmic Wetlab, София; - Юни 2014 г. - Окулопластичен курс, част от 4-ти Balkan Ophthalmic Wetlab, София; - 2016 г. - Практика в офталмопедиатрично отделение, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital; - Участие в XXXII конгрес на ESCRS, WSPOS, Лондон, Великобритания; - Април 2017 г. - Курс по контактология към Българско офталмологично дружество; - 2018 г. - Участие в Световен конгрес по Офталмология, Испания. - 2020 г. - Участие в Световен конгрес по офталмология (WOC2020 Virtual)

Dr. med. Daniela Stoyanova

Gastroenterologie, 18 langjährige Erfahrung

Daniela Stoyanova, MD is a consultant in Internal medicine and Gastroenterology. She graduated with honours from the Medical University of Sofia in 2002. She has attended postgraduate qualification courses in the Netherlands, UK and Germany, mainly focused on IBD and endoscopy. She is a clinical lead for inflammatory bowel diseases in the department of gastroenterology of Military Medical Academy in Sofia. Her professional interests include inflammatory and oncological diseases of the digestive system, functional GI disorders and their treatment; nutrition in IBD; advanced endoscopic and imaging modalities for diagnosis ant treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Daniela Stoyanova is not a pediatric consultant. Daniela Stoyanova, MD is currently a consultant gastroenterologist in the Department of gastroenterology at the Military Medical academy - Sofia where she has been working as a physician since 2003. In 2016 she joined the team of consultants in Gina Medical Centre, Sofia. More information: ginamed.bg

Dr. med. Ivan Lyutakov

Gastroenterologie, 6 langjährige Erfahrung

Dr. Lyutakov is a gastroenterologist at the University Hospital Tsaritsa Yoanna – ISUL, in Sofia. He graduated from Plovdiv Medical University in 2012 and got his specialty degree in gastroenterology in 2018. Dr. Lyutakov speaks English and has two fellowships in Italy and Austria, focused on Gastroenterology and Endoscopy. He is also a PhD student working on patients with chronic diarrhoea and microscopic colitis. Dr. Lyutakov is certificated for Endoscopy first level and Abdominal Ultrasound first level. He is a member of the Europen Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the EMCG group.

Dr. med. Kamen Klinkanov

Rheumatologie, 20 langjährige Erfahrung

Graduated from Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Specialist in Internal medicine and rheumatology. Chief assistant professor in Medical University, Plovdiv, Chair of Internal diseases. Teaching internal medicine to foreign students in English. 1997 - certificate for a teacher in Family medicine, Manchester, UK. At present rheumatologist in UMHAT PULMED, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dr. med. Sava Petrov

Endokrinologie, 9 langjährige Erfahrung

Д-р Сава Петров, д.м. е ендокринолог към Клиника по Ендокринология и болести на обмяната на УМБАЛ „Свети Георги“ ЕАД, Пловдив и М.Ц. „КИРМ“. Асистент по Ендокринология към Медицински Университет – Пловдив. Завършва гимназия през 2005 г. с отличен успех с профил „Английски език, история и български език“. През 2011г. завършва МУ-Пловдив с отличен успех. Работи, като лекар-ординатор към Спешно Вътрешно Отделение на МБАЛ „Пловдив“ за периода 10.2011г.-03.2012г. От тогава до сега лекар към Клиника по Ендокринология и болести на обмяната на УМБАЛ „Свети Георги“ – Пловдив. В началото на 2016 г става част от екипа на М.Ц. „КИРМ“, където се развива в насока репродуктивна ендокринология и андрология. Научни интереси – ендокринология, репродуктувна медицина, андрология, зависимости, диететика и хранене. Членство в научни дружества: Българско дружество по Ендокринология, Европейско дружество по Ендокринология, Европейска Академия по Андрология, Съюз на учените в България.

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