Value-Based Care at Scale: A Guide to Improving Quality, Costs, Access and Satisfaction in Health Care Delivery

As more value-based care programs are increasingly contributing to better patient outcomes and more efficient operations, more organizations and providers are bracing up for making the shift.

Successful patient-centric care coordination and referral management will be dependent on a new category of patient access solutions integrated with legacy EHRs, adding capabilities for multi-channel communication and proactive patient journeys.

Read this guide, to determine how to fill the gaps in your existing care stack and prepare for becoming part of the next wave of value-based care.

Value Based Care at Scale

In this guide you'll learn:

  • Personalization at Scale: Trends and Opportunities
  • The Current State of Value-Based Care
  • Key Challenges to implementing Value-Based Care
  • How Value-Based Care necessitates a reimagined patient experience
  • How EHRs can help and what else might be needed to support Value-Based Care
  • How to configure a Value-Based Care ready patient experience
  • An example of a Value-Based Care approach within Cancer Care

About Healee

Healee helps healthcare organizations efficiently manage complex provider schedules with a robust patient access solution that integrates with their EHR. With Healee, healthcare teams attract, engage and retain more patients, while simplifying operations, balancing workloads, and growing profitability.