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Briefly describe your problem and symptoms. If applicable, take pictures of the problem area, and share test results.



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You can turn to our doctors for advice about any problem, within each of the specialties we are offering.

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Prices depend on whether you are seeing one of our doctors or your own doctor, the urgency of your request, and the desired language of communication.

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The price varies, as each doctor sets their own price for a paid consultation

  • Doctors who know you
  • Certified medical specialist
  • Unlimited messages per case
  • Share health data and messages

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  • Certified medical specialist
  • Communication in 
  • Unlimited messages per case
  • Share health data and images


How can we help you?

  • How do doctor consultations work?

    You send a description of your problem, along with pictures, and you get a response from one of the doctors, within 16 to 48 hours, depending on what delivery priority you choose. The response contains information about your condition, together with treatment advice.

    We do not write prescriptions. A large number of skin conditions can be successfully treated with over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.

  • How do payments work?
    Once you submit your consultation request to us (once you click Send), we preauthorize the respective amount on your credit or debit card. Note that preauthorization is not an actual payment, it is a verification that there are enough funds on your card. The actual payment is done once the doctor has reviewed your case and replied.
  • Is my personal and medical information safe?

    Yes. Both your health and privacy are our top priorities.

    Even we do not have access to any sensitive personal data that can potentially identify you. We do not have access to your email address, and the images and messages you exchange with doctors. All this data is stored encrypted on our servers and apart from you, only doctors have access to it. For further data security details, refer to our Privacy Policy

  • Can your doctors prescribe medications?
    Not at the moment. However, we plan to start writing prescriptions soon
  • Can I use Healee with my doctor?

    Yes. Besides seeing one of the specialists who work with us, you can also connect and stay in touch with your own doctor, or any other doctor you choose. The respective doctor just needs to install our dedicated Healee MD application and you can then connect by scanning the doctor’s code from within the Healee application.

    Once connected, you can share your health data, so that your doctor can closely monitor your health in real time and notify you should a problem occur.

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