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What we can do for you

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Happier patients, higher revenue

Provide better care

Healee helps you be a better doctor. With telehealth, you deliver comprehensive care anytime, anywhere. This means higher patient satisfaction and retention.

Earn more

Healee is a quick and convenient way for you to get paid for your time and expertise. You set your own price, and you decide whether and when you charge patients.

Offer flexible payment options

Offer patients the payment mode that works best - upfront, or once the consultation has already started. If necessary, you can refund patients at any point.

Let patients subscribe

Allow patients to subscribe to your services, and get prepaid packages of online consultations, at a lower price. You create your subscription plans and set the parameters - price, duration, number of consultations.

Rich communication options

Secure chat

Healee’s secure chat is just one of the options you can use to communicate with patients. Whether it’s plain text, images, audio or video, all information is sent fully encrypted.

Live video calls

You can have live video calls with patients. Yes, Healee offers rich communication channels, but doesn’t take control away from doctors. You decide whether and when a video call is needed.

Robust speech recognition

In their hectic work, doctors often don’t have time for typing messages. Healee offers a medical-grade speech recognition tool that allows dictating messages to patients.

Conversation rooms for doctors

You can connect with one or more doctors via live chat or video, using a secure, encrypted connection. You can cooperate with other doctors for the more complicated cases, discuss treatment plans for patients, exchange knowledge or patient information.

A multi-patient conversation room

You can simultaneously chat with two or more people on the patient side! You can connect with the patient and their family, or caregiver, to make the consultation much more meaningful and improve outcomes. You can aso let other doctors join the conversation, and have a doctor, a patient, and/or their caregiver in a single chat room.

Send mass message campaigns

Create mass message campaigns and send them to all your patients at once, to let them know of important developments, changes in your schedule, upcoming vaccination and screening campaigns, new subscription plans.

Easy access to patient data

Medical history

You can ask patients to share with you their medical history - past and present symptoms and conditions, treatments, medication schedules and reminders.


Healee supports not only static, but dynamic medical images too. Patients can upload X-rays, MRI, PET and CT scans, and you can view them via a built-in viewer.

Lab results

Healee allows patients to scan lab results using their phone camera. The image is turned into digital data that you can view and analyze.

Convenience, time efficiency

Personal AI assistant

An AI-guided assistant can speak with your patients prior to consultations. You can then see a summary and possible suggestions which can greatly reduce the time of the actual consultation.

Away mode

Easily manage your schedule, to let patients know when you are available to take their questions, and when you are off.

Custom medical forms

Use Healee’s custom medical forms to boost your efficiency by easily automating time-consuming tasks like gathering health data from patients each time the patient comes for a consultation. You can create pre-defined medical forms, with custom questions, as a means to gather information from the patient prior to the consultation, to help you provide the best high-quality care.

Personal coordinator

Have your personal coordinator be the liaison between the patient and you prior to the consultation. The personal coordinator will join the conversation with the patient and help you with all the administrative details around the consultation.


Integrated solution for monitoring diabetic patients and telehealth

Healee introduces endocrinologists to its first partner for an integrated solution for monitoring of diabetic patients’ and telehealth - Diabetes:M

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What doctors are saying?

I’ve been using Healee for about a year now, mostly its robust live video capabilities. The platform has already become an indispensable tool for me in providing therapy sessions to my patients. Healee not only allows me to be super flexible with my schedule, but it also significantly alleviates the anxiety and apprehension some patients feel when it comes to seeking mental health therapy.

Dr Petya Dimitrova


Healee saves both my patients' and my time, and allows me to focus on what really matters: delivering better care. The platform allows patients to send high-quality images and videos. This helps me be accurate and provide meaningful advice, no matter whether it’s a follow-up or a new patient.

Dr Jessie Felton

Dermatology · Haywards Heath

Many of my pediatric patients require longer term monitoring. With Healee, parents can stay in touch with me and share all test results as soon as they come out, which is essential to a comprehensive diagnostic picture. I’ve been also using Healee’s Personal Assistant, an AI tool that interviews new patients, to gather as much information prior to the actual consultation as possible. Not only does it summarise all the data for me, but it saves me a lot of time too.

Dr Adil Kadim

Pediatrics, Medical genetics

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