How to connect with your doctor?

Besides seeing one of the specialists who work with us, you can also connect and stay in touch with your own doctor.

The doctor just needs to install our dedicated Healee MD application and you can then connect by entering the doctor’s code or scanning it from within the Healee application.

Invite your doctor

It’s fast and easy!


Tell your doctors about the Healee platform. They simply need to install our doctor app, Healee MD


Ask your doctor for their doctor code


Enter the code in Healee > Profile > My doctors

Why connect

It's good to have a familiar face

Research has shown that the better a doctor knows the patient, the better the doctor-patient connection, and thus - the better the medical care and the outcome from the treatment. Naturally, you can describe and share your issues with any doctor - it is simply much easier to discuss them with someone who has known you well for a longer time.

When you need to plan

When you have connected with your doctors through Healee, it can be much easier to get an appointment with them, in case you need to see them in their office - simply send a message. This is an unobtrisive, yet efficient channel of communication, which is always available to you.

Better flexibility and access to the right specialist

We give you the opportunity to get advice from experts in fields, which are still unavailable within the Healee medical team. This means that even if we do not have the means to provide a certain consultation to you, we can provide the platform and you can invite the right specialist.

You can pay your doctor

We heard from many users that it is important to them to be able to compensate their doctor for their hard work and their time, without having to search for alternative payment methods. You now have the option to pay for your consultation, regardless of whether you are seeing one of our doctors or your own doctor.

What patients are saying?

When my daughter has a fever, I can quickly contact our pediatrician on Healee. It's convenient for both of us, since he can easily access details from the electronic health record that I keep for her.
I usually send my test results to my doctor and she analyzes them at her earliest convenience.
My doctor reminds me about my screening appointments. This is really convenient, since Healee messages don't get lost among unlrelated emails or texts.

No doctor to connect with?

You can always talk to one of our doctors

How it works

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