Lite EHR capabilities

Improve patient outcomes

EHR capabilities ensure up-to-date and complete information about patients for more coordinated, efficient care

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Lite EHR capabilities
Lite EHR capabilities
Lite EHR capabilities
Lite EHR capabilities

Patient profile EHR capabilities

Healee’s EHR capabilities let you access all patient data, manage provider profiles and patient charts

Patient charting

Access all health and personal data that patients upload in the application.

Keep track of a patient's medical history, medications, diagnoses, treatment plans, radiology images, and test results

Patient data update

Log in on behalf of a patient and edit or add patient health data (conditions & vitals) and get the information synced with the EHR system

Practice management tools

Efficiently oversee your schedule, update provider profile and manage multiple patient records

Provider profile management

Edit all settings in providers profiles - availability, specialty, provided services, prices, accepted payment methods, preferred notifications, and many more

Patient list management

Access all patients panel view and get a quick access to individual patient records

Revenue management capabilities

Accept payments, take control of different payment types, and set up a variety of fees

Payment types

Set up and accept a variety of payment types per provider (subscriptions, out-of-pocket payments, insurers, promo codes/vouchers)

Payments processing

Set the timing of the payments and receive prepayments, additional in-call/chat payments during the virtual visit, or payment upon completion of the consultation.

Set and receive no-show fees, late cancelation fees

BI and reporting

Get organizational insight on revenue, number of consultations, and more, across providers and facilities

Admin dashboards

Keep track of monthly revenue and number of consultations per providers and patients in a dedicated admin panel (reporting area)

Management reports

Set up business intelligence infrastructure and management reports via Healee’s integration with Google Data Studio