Patient communication

Boost patient engagement

Strengthen revenue and reduce no-shows with automated and personalized patient communication on any device

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Patient communication

Provide automated timely reminders to improve operational efficiency

Appointment reminders

Use personalized automated prompts via different channels (emails, text messages) to remind patients about upcoming appointments and reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations

Payment reminders

Send automated reminders to patients regarding pending payments

Leverage personalized notifications through multiple channels to foster patient-provider trust

Automatic notifications

Utilize multiple touchpoints to inform patients, providers, and clinical ops about cancellations or rescheduled appointments - in-app notifications, text messages, emails
Seamlessly access and modify schedules on-the-go with the ability to notify patients with a single click
Stay updated about new, canceled or rescheduled appointments with notifications across various channels

Schedule delays

Promptly communicate schedule delays to patients to further decrease no-show rates

Automated waiting lists

Inform patients on the waiting list about earlier availability with automated notifications and allow them to provide confirmations

Empower patients to share experiences to build credibility and enhance online presence

Post-exam feedback

Send an email reminder for patients to leave a review after all types of appointments - in-person, virtual, or home visits

Verified patient reviews

Mark patients as show or no-show to allow only verified patients to leave a review after the visit. Moderate and publish provider reviews and reply to patients on behalf of the organization

Send mass campaigns to facilitate patient communication and support health education

In-app messages to groups of users

Utilize HIPAA-compliant in-app messages to inform specific user groups about relevant updates - keep patients informed about schedule changes, upcoming vaccination, screening campaigns, or new subscription plans. Distribute information to all providers within the organization or to patients of a specific provider regarding upcoming changes in the practice. All in-app messages are available on desktop or mobile apps.

Education campaigns or patient surveys

Send patient surveys, email campaigns, or branded newsletters to targeted patient lists