Healee lands $2M to grow customizable telehealth solution

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Digital health protocols
Custom medical forms
Online scheduling
Digital check-in
And many more
Patient portal

Power unique digital health models

Launch your own digital health platform in weeks with telehealth, digital check-in and scheduling adapted to your unique use case

Personalized Demo

Create fully branded patient experience

Enable custom organizational workflows

Add features for niche virtual care scenarios

Digital Front Door

All-in-one white label digital health platform

Healee’s powers are customizability, comprehensiveness, and interoperability. Healee covers numerous virtual care workflows of healthcare organizations, and scales and evolves as you grow, so you have a single flexible solution under your brand, integrated with your EHR system!


Healee is a holistic digital health platform enabling personalized care delivery, improving health outcomes for patients and driving growth for healthcare organizations. Our comprehensive feature set helps HCOs of any size manage the digital patient journey:

All types of consultations

Synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine over multiple modalities – secure video, audio, chat, file sharing on any device

Оne-click video visits

Reliable high-quality video conferencing capabilities: multi-party sessions, recording logs

Doctor-to-doctor communication

Robust technology, allowing multidisciplinary consultations, along with easy patient referral and transfer of patients and their data to the right clinician

Digital check-ins and patient triage

Custom questionnaires, medical forms, AI assistant, live coordinator

Monitoring patient vital signs

Seamless integration with Apple Health, allowing setting up trigger parameters to receive notifications for treatment adjustment or extra screenings

Patient portal

Patient PHR containing medical history - recent doctor visits, lab results, dynamic and static images, symptoms, medications, reports

Easy and quick onboarding

Flexible and programmable virtual care workflows, stable support for clinicians and patients

More revenue

Flawless, battle-tested patient experience that eliminates user drop-off at any stage of the patient journey.

Streamlined telehealth, appointment scheduling, reminders, prepayments & billing that reduce dramatically no-show costs for providers

Robust security protocols

GDPR and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and data sharing, fully encrypted data storage

Top-reviewed telehealth app on Capterra for 2021

Stable support for clinicians and patients

Healee White Label

Full replica of the most comprehensive digital health platform

The smarter, ready-made alternative to developing a branded virtual care platform from scratch

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