Personalized demo

Digital health platform

Power unique digital health models

Launch your own fully branded digital health platform in weeks with advanced features adaptable to any virtual care use case

Personalized demo

Healee deep white label

Highly configurable digital health platform for telehealth, digital check-in and scheduling

Fully-branded patient experience

Establish user trust with your color scheme and logo, custom hosting URLs, and branded mobile apps

Custom organizational workflows

Ensure organization-wide adoption by matching exactly your process, care pathways, and clinical protocols

Unique setup per use case

Allow for future growth and compliance via enabling, disabling, modifying, or adding new features

Core platform capabilities

Tested and validated building blocks for any virtual care use case


Increase continuity of care with multi-channel communication, team coordination and time-saving tools

Digital check-in

Achieve operational efficiencies with custom forms, queue management and AI assistance


Improve patient engagement with efficient appointment booking and patient-generated health data

Lite EHR

Manage provider profiles and patient charts, get organizational insight with BI and reporting tools

How it works

Streamlined onboarding to get you up and running in weeks

Adopt core platform, brand and customize to your needs, scale as you grow

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Healee digital health platform advantages

Speed of implementation and reduced maintenance

A Healee-based deep white label platform accommodates all user types and integrates with your existing systems

Multi platform

Fully branded web and mobile apps (iOS and Android marketplaces)

Integrated toolset

All-in-one GDPR and HIPAA-compliant video, messaging, data sharing, payments

Dedicated infrastructure

Cloud-based infrastructure setup – maintained and scaled by Healee


Working integrations with top in-patient EHR, e-prescribing, billing and more

3x Faster

Ready infrastructure, out-of-the-box feature set

70% Cheaper

No development resources, no multiple tools

50% Less maintenance

Minimized troubleshooting, proven UX, unified toolset


Customer success

Digital health platform for companies, hospitals and physician groups

Healee’s customers span from traditional healthcare to insurance and pharma, to niche services in wellness, behavioral health, chronic and palliative care, COVID consultations, and many more

Trusted by

50 000 physicians
200 clinics
1m patients

Already facilitated

4m scheduled appointments
100 000 virtual visits