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Unlock the power of patient access with smart intake, scheduling and telehealth

Navigate the complexities of healthcare scheduling and patient communication, maximize operational efficiency and drive growth through enhanced patient journeys

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Patient access

Built for the complex scheduling needs of high performing medical groups

Powerful rule-based engine for unparalleled patient-provider matching

Sophisticated multi-team calendar management

Seamless patient self-scheduling in various care modalities

Automate complex patient journeys through smart workflows and rich settings

  • Set scheduling rules and constraints for patients
  • Ensure for patient preferences and provider suitability and expertise
  • Handle complex appointment types across different care modalities
  • Administer multiple facilities and time zones
Patient access
Patient access

Solve the conundrums of patient access and capacity management

  • Reduce patient churn caused by disconnected tools, flawed journeys and uncoordinated care
  • Eliminate manual resource allocation and the risk of errors
  • Mitigate regulatory risk associated with state licensure and collecting patient information
  • Minimize no-shows, cancellations, overbooking and underbooking
Most robust and reliable

Facilitating over 700,000 appointments per month across over 5,000 providers

Drives patient engagement and loyalty

Typical Healee customers experience dramatic improvements in patient engagement

Online appointments
Increase of bookings by year 3
Organic traffic
New patients
Total bookings

Scale business growth with efficient operations

Increased productivity
Achieve more with limited staff, ensure faster processing times
Streamlined processes
Reduce staff time spent on scheduling, automate pre- and post-visit tasks
Smart resource utilization
Fill gaps in provider schedules and easily manage staff availability
Revenue protection
Automate appointment reminders and allow patients to easily cancel on time
Enhanced patient experience
Grow revenue with attracting and retaining more satisfied patients
Visibility and reporting
Monitor performance, identify bottlenecks, and improve business operations
Beyond scheduling

The full suite of Healee solutions

Patient scheduling
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Calendar management
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Why Healee

Take ownership and scale your hosted cloud solution, infrastructure and data with a deep white label solution

Dedicated infrastructure
Ensure scalability and performance as you accommodate growing patient traffic, number of physicians and facilities
Fully branded multi-platform patient experience
Establish user trust with your own color scheme and logo, custom hosting URLs, and branded mobile apps
Integrated solution with unique setup
Allow for compliance and flexibility with a comprehensive feature set at your disposal
Custom organizational workflows
Ensure organization-wide adoption by tailoring the solution to match your specific processes, patient journeys, and care pathways
How it works

Fits your current tech stack and replaces disconnected tools

Healee patient access and calendar management solution fits your current tech stack through API integration and replaces disconnected tools and manual workarounds through data exchange with existing patient app and EHR.

It's hosted close to your patients, with applied full branding and modules of your choice.

Patient accessPatient access
Patient accessPatient access
Hipaa Compliance verification
Trusted by
5K physicians
200 clinics
1M patients
Already facilitated
6M scheduled appointments
200K virtual visits
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