Doz. Svetlozar Ivanov Sardovski

Kardiologie, Innere Medizin, Covid-19-Beratung


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Highlights from CV Founder and head of cardiology department and co-founder of invasive coronary unit in “N.I.Pirogov Emergency Hospital, Sofia (2007-2013) Consultant and invasive cardiologist, chief assistant, Cardiology clinic, Tokuda Hospital (2013-2017) Private doctor of the famous Bulgarian multi-millionaire Mr. Ivan Zografski (the ex-owner of Kempinski – Zografski hotel, Sofia). Published in the leading medical journals as JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association), Circulation, EHJ (European Heart Journal) etc. Elected member of the Administrative council of the Bulgarian Medical Association (2007–2011) and elected member of the Administrative council of the Bulgarian Society of Cardiology (2010-2012) Organizer, leader and official spokesman for the strike committee in the first strike in Bulgarian healthcare, held in „N.I. Pirogov” Emergency Hospital (2007) Health services: In his practice doctor Sardovski uses modern high-tech equipment and performs: – Full checkup – Echocardiography (visualizes cardiac structures and reveals abnormalities) – Stress test – veloergometry (reveals heart diseases, determines exercise capacity- the most important determinant of cardiovascular health, and defines safe level of physical activity) – Holter ECG monitoring (detects arrhythmias and assesses the effect of their treatment) – Ambulatory BP (blood pressure) monitoring (detects masked (unknown) hypertension, and assesses the effect of its treatment) – Coronarography (heart cathetarization), implantation of stent under relevant indications (in Adjibedem CITY Clinic or Sofiamed Hospital, Sofia) - Preventive medicine – training in a healthy lifestyle, medical practices that are designed to avert and avoid diseases (the most important factor determining human health). - Nutrition Therapy for Adults With Diabetes 2 or Obesity, for weight loss and blood sugar control – Referral to other specialist, if necessary