Telehealth use cases

Cover niche telehealth use cases

Healee’s highly configurable deep white label technology is designed to meet the unique telehealth use cases of different industries and therapeutic areas


Health systems


Digital health companies

Therapeutic areas

Behavioral health
Women's health
Men's health
Primary care
Palliative care
COVID consultations
And adding more...

Patient front door

Welcome new patients with a choice of page layouts based on your unique telehealth use cases and infrastructure needs

Provider and patient side

The patient and provider sides of your branded white label replica of Healee can contain only the functionalities that best suit your unique telehealth use case

Eligibility flows

Include eligibility flows that best fit your telehealth use case to help new patients navigate your services

Patient and provider mobile apps

Your Healee-based white label solution can include fully branded patient and provider mobile apps on the major app marketplaces

Digital care pathways

Build tailored chronic care programs 10x faster by using predefined components and infrastructure. Make chronic care more accessible and personalized with digital care pathways focused on specific conditions, procedures and therapeutic areas.

Customer highlights

Thanks to Healee’s ease of use and flexibility, and their team’s lightning-fast turnaround, we adopted the telemedicine platform super quickly, and started delivering the first online consultations in just four days! Since then, Healee has been instrumental to our ambitions to offer virtual care for patients.

What we love the most is the dedicated Admin dashboard and how easy it is to track in real time all online consultation requests and payments from patients.

Vita Hospital
We were looking for a telehealth platform that was not only intuitive and quick to onboard, but one that would cover some specific pre-consultation steps that our patients need to go through.

Healee ticked all the boxes for us. We had our clinic’s profile, along with the individual doctor profiles, set up and ready to use in a couple of hours. Their team then helped us adapt the platform to our needs and integrate into the online consultation process a specific medical questionnaire that our patients fill in. As a result, we became fully telehealth-capable in less than two days!

Linia Skin Clinic