д-р Mohamad Sohil



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Dr Mohamad Sohil is an endocrinologist with an MD in General Medicine from Lyon in France. He holds a Certificate of University Studies in Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases from the Faculty of Medicine in Dijon, France, as well as Credit towards the General Clinical and Therapeutic Certificate. At Medcare, Dr Sohil works as a specialist endocrinologist, diabetologist and metabolism expert. His rich work experience spans hospitals in France and the UAE, and he is a member of the UAE Medical Association. Dr Mohamad Sohil treats patients for diabetes and related complications, thyroid gland disease, pituitary gland disease, ovarian and testicular diseases, hirsutism, and familial hypercholesterolemias. When Dr Sohil is not working, he enjoys sports like playing ping pong, walking and travelling. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.