7 Surprising Benefits that Deep White Label Brings to Digital Health

How to achieve effective telehealth adoption + tips to get started in weeks

Download this white paper to get a new perspective on building a digital health solution that fits closely organizational workflows and feature needs, while providing a fully branded patient experience.

You will learn:

  • What causes lack of ROI with telehealth solutions
  • What is deep white label and how it differs from branded-only solutions
  • The different degrees of configurability with deep white label
  • The 8 tips to get a head start with digital health onboarding
“The configurability options of a deep digital health white label span from how you accept patients, to how you coordinate care, to how you treat specific medical conditions. This is difficult to achieve with a static solution with fixed capabilities.”


About Healee

Healee is a health tech company that helps digital health innovators from a variety of industries to quickly implement unique virtual care models with advanced technology adaptable to any use case.

Healee’s unique platform configurability approach allows creating a fully-branded patient experience and enabling all organizational workflows for telehealth, scheduling and digital check-in.

A Healee-based platform replaces a multitude of existing tools to alleviate digital fatigue, fit clinical processes closely and integrate with top EHR, e-prescription, and other services.