#1 Patient Access Solution for High-Performing Mental Health Care Organizations

Discover how fast-paced, multi-team mental health care groups can use Healee’s most reliable patient access solution to attract, engage and retain more patients, while simplifying operations, balancing workloads and growing profitability.

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Patient scheduling

Better capacity utilization

Balance patient flow and prevent scheduling bottlenecks such as no shows, underbooking, overbooking or mismatches

Faster patient acquisition

Expand scheduling and communication channels and allow patient autonomy to find the right care at the right time

Easier patient navigation

Deliver a simplified experience that guides, connects and informs, including patient eligibility, matching, intake and referrals

Bring all your tools and teammates together

Simplify your toolset and gain full visibility of your practice in one unified patient journey

Facilitating 700K+ onsite and virtual visits per month

Handle diverse and growing patient traffic with confidence across multiple channels, facilities, teams, time zones and state licensure requirements
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Already facilitated
self-scheduled appointments
virtual visits

Comprehensive virtual care toolset

  • HIPAA-compliant group audio and video calls
  • In-call screen sharing, texting, file exchange
  • Patient referrals and care transitions
  • Access and subscribe to patient data
  • Time saving message templates, speech-to-text and more
Patient access
Patient access

Deeply personalized experience

  • Flexible patient journeys and custom forms
  • Intelligent booking slot optimization engine
  • Powerful patient-provider matching algorithms
  • Sophisticated multi-team capacity management

Increased efficiency and patient engagement

  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Do more with less staff
  • Protect revenue from no-shows
  • Strengthen brand with loyal patients
  • Gain actionable Bl and reporting insights
  • Ensure state licensure compliance

But don’t just take our word for it…

Patient access
Healee really understands how complicated patient access can get at our practice, and has made it easier for us and our patients

Practice manager,
Medium-sized medical group

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Patient access

Your own ready infrastructure integrated with your EHR

HIPAA-compliant data transfer and storage
Dedicated servers, hosted close to your patients
API integrations with your current tech stack
Fully branded OS-agnostic web and mobile app